Indeed, Katy Tur, IN•DEED — FIP Strike IV Day(s)

“Eye hopes that your TURKEY smells better than (NAT)–Ours

Chlorinated Turkey Eve

MUSICAL GUEST.:.0104AD7F-FB52-4495-9FC2-889F530F5D64 •_¥_• Chlorinated Turkey’s Eve.

Senator Steve IRA Cohen

Anygüey, in other topics before öüï, Yës, we [the staff] move on to the Saturday Night theme and, the MAGA* (“the” Nazi maga) hat black pachyderm at Sunrise, we switch it over to Brigadier General Sheisskopf for a “parade rally review”:

* Knot the Maga at Pont des Arts

[George Clooney in the role of General Shithead]


—Men, this frog gave Ol’Blue Eyes (vía Anka, P) an opportunity to sing the opening Tune to the 45th President of them United States Inauguration Bal. His fraternal twin looks like Al Pacino*. Remember his face because he also invented the “bag-of-shit” program for Air France.

* Al Pacino playing the role of an Army “louie” groom in the Godfather trilogy… Me lo dijo Bob (Evans).


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