Inter•mission: 15 de NOVEMBRE 1889

El molde de repuesto… ISSY, it’s de Bronce, Bruno. Anygüey, Stephanie, please relay to your boss, —le préfet de police— provided of course, that you madame are still a French resident’s Visa Docket Case reviewer à Citè, “that the Night beelongs to Lovers”, especially when Fip Central Station feels “pretty”, period and “C’mon, cum on cum on Touch Mí Baby”.

...[W]ith your sister

…[W]ith your sister the Nerd. An after school special starring YouToo.

¿ Cuál fue aquélla promesa que tu hiciste  ?

Coming up:

Lorem ipsum with Donnie Deutsch, in this episode, Donnie scores yet another contract from the Peacock Syndicate.

Scene Three:
In which Donnie, never one to miss a branding opportunity remembered that one of his Manhattan connections included a founding member of the What Was I Thinking Pinto League.

Meanwhile, Cousin Joe is on “dad” duty following the abduction of Uncle Joe. The perps included a bunch of white collared syndicated grays.

Milk cartoon news

Milk cartoon news.
Lost people section.
Subject: Uncle Joey’s last known photograph at the “Blic Phone” talent agency.
Observations: Uncle Joey was showing off the noggin on D.A.T. there new family youngen, when all of a sudden Willie Guist’s grandpa’s shadow had been possessed by the very same “mummy” that Archeologist Butters Scotch seem to have caught out of a “free” museum exhibition. Bill Maher was reached for comment, “It’s probably a fungus issue”, said that D.A.R.E. motherfucking Werewolf.

According to Willie Geist’s family album, Uncle Joe’s abduction was not a FOist. Ancient South Park investigators uncovered evidence that them Joe’s where the originators of the Curse of Archeologist Butters Scotch.

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