Page 289 ♦ ejection… egg, 8, 800 number

“earned run average”

Letty y Suzi in Four Frames Follow

Letty y Suzi in Four Frames Follow

Eight Wonder of the World (fake grass) in reference to The Astro some in Houston, on account of it being the FOist indoor stadium when it opened in 1965, that’s ÉON’s before the French went ahead and took it upon themselves to invent a “thing” that NBC baptized as “the internet”, a place for violence, –of course.

Portrait du Chevalier d'Éon

Portrait du Chevalier d’Éon not available, however this here “giphy” is a pretty close approximation of Charles de Beaumont, who went ahead and took it upon himself to invent the Letter “T” in the LGB movement.

Heck, the damn Peacock went ahead and snatched the first INTERNET email address, and yes, los muy pavorrales del Rainbow Room registered it IN TRUE MANIFEST DESTINY fashion: violence[Circle A]

Page 293 ♦️EqBA

Page 293 ♦️ EqBA; entrada y envío, also English 1 n. A Spinning motion of a batted or pitched EGG (baseball) with just enough rotation to cause it to VEER from its NATURAL course.

https ://www. smithsonianmag. com/arts-culture/remembering-astrodome-eighth-wonder-world-180954585/

Source: The Language of Baseball, GNOW in it’s its Third Edition.
La fuente is a.k.a.,The Dickson BASEBALL DICTIONARY.

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