Hey, Fancy… this here is an Inter•mission

Trascendió que justo cuándo Donald Trump necesitaba un arreglo, Los Astros le concedieron el Quinto (sol) en Política Ficción.

The Great White Nationalist Hope

Donald Trump: The Great White Nationalist Hope… It’s a put–on, and it is all because of the 2019 Chuck Todd Jinx; you sir, just couldn’t keep the “helicopter look”, could you?!? Now you have an embolden megalomaniac on the world stage.

The boogie woogie–man: Öüï, We, wII
mr. president.

What's New Pussycat?

What’s New Pussycat? Starring, La Hija de Vercingétorix

Page 223; “The Great Spectacle” in The Yellow Pages;
Essays section of:
Surveillance, Art and Photography*

In this age of global terrorist attacks, the classic image of SURVEILLANCE has SHIFTED. The flickering piece of footage is replaced with, or at least SUPPLEMENTED by, carefully filmed and edited STATEMENTS released after the EVENT ».

I wanna hold’m like they do in Texas, please… ».

Courtesy of The Artists (2006)

Courtesy of The Artists (2006).:. E7BF28DB-9B24-4219-B511-C930A0C96470 •|• VERBATIM: All rights reserved. No part of [this publication] WATCHED may be reproduced, stored in a ReTribal system or transmitted in any form or by any means, elecTRONIC, meCHANICAL, etc., etc., etcetera, puntos suspensivos

* Wolthers, L.; Vujanovic, D.; Östilind, N., “Watched” [2006]
Verlang der Buchhandlung Walther König; University of Gothenburg (Valand Academy).

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