Live from the Westfield®️ Giuseppe Pepito Sports Complejo

Take Mí Out to the Ball game

Las ColapSOlogías de Las Fuentes

Las ColapSOlogías de Las Fuentes

Rachel Maddow stars as: motherfucking Clint Eastwick:

International Reality

International Reality, because THE Galaxy, —never mind THE Universe— ever thought that WE humans would make it this far, period

Welcome to another edition of the Sports page, narrated by the American of them U.S. ambassador to those Mexican E.U., the one and only Country Fried HIStorian:

Maestro Jon meacham


La Ruptura de Got Ham?

La Ruptura de Got Ham Travel… en Londres, Thomas Cook, el Cocinero de BoJo Brexit quebró los platos de la COCINA y deja a 21,000 sous-chefs sin trabajo; y a 600 mil comensales con indigestión. Liberty, Liberty, Liberty: PAY ONLY FOR THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE THAT YOU KNEAD, punto y aparte

— It’s the middle of the Eight y la Primera caída de Tres sin–limite–de–Tiempo (it’s 8 a.m.) in Central Europe Thymes and Mme Christine Lagarde is standing next to “los tecnócratas” on FOist; Justice Soto-Mayor is at the plate and, Camilo Cienfuegos is pitching a no–Hitter.

Fucking Canucks

Fucking Canucks.:.FCDD9E87-7B5F-4CC0-83F8-990921052AC6 •|• …[N]ot to BEE outdone by the Canucks in Ottawa, las palomas de París inventaron el “bronze face” para una mascarada contra encabellada, plus the D.O.V.E. looks swell sporting the Afro in that frame, eh.

At the top of the 14 hundred hours at Rockefeller Center, Cousin Joe went on STRIKE and took his set into a Swedish sauna, mean, while Trump is about to get a big RED EYE on his presidential legacy. Over at the gazebo, Mika just went [along] for the Ride.

Not to bee outdone, by Mika’s gazebo and Cousin Joe’s Swedish sauna, Chris Matthews went outdoors.


— Here’s an After Action Review of that pop-up to Centerfield where Gene Hackman in the role of a French “rock star” Lawyer just shamed a House into seating next to each other, in the House that the Red Rocker built:

Live feed on SCOTUS

Live feed on SCOTUS, here’s how the Pop-up went, Camilo pitched a parábola to Justice Soto-Mayor and on her reasoning on why John Heilemann can’t produce a “Circus” from the Bench… Camilo noticed Mr. Noa Noa agreeing with   Sonia’s (with–all–DUE–respect) point of not seeing a live feed of herself from the inside of her courtroom, –of course, a Talking Head would say that. En resumen, la Tremenda Sonia culpa a los avances in both the field of COMMUNICATIONS (Ones & Ceros, Input–Output, AC⚡️DC) y a el ramo de la Comunicación (Signs & Symbols, Inverted Pyramids, KC☂️DC) y no a los representantes de una República, here’s the argument…

For the record, Mel Brooks never billed himself as a simple Prophet; a King? Jew betcha!

Release Alexi!!!

Release Alexi!!!.:.BB05A1DB-1926-420F-AA5C-382F640C0DF6

Release the Macammound, Sonia MabRook!!!
You are not foolin’ any of your non-reader CNEWS Matin followers*, eh.
RELEASE Alexi Axios, right now!!!

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