On BoJo’s watch it’s the Eleventh Hour in đź’¶ Mean Thymes

It’s on. The Mic is On. The Antenna is situated, let’s pirate las Ondas. Time NOW: 13h30 in CET —High Noon at Buckingham Palace. In New York, the Rockefeller peacocks (powers that bee) prohibit pundits to speak about Europe beefour 9 in the morning, Staten Island thyme. In New York, the Times Square timepiece is broken. So Who knows when the American people, from the U.S.A., are going to give the White House some fucking BeeNo.

El tercero de la corrida

El tercero de la corrida: Espelette

Pedro Alejandro, de los MSNBC’s ya esta en barrera de sombra en Biarritz, Y en Hong Kong hay crisis de cigarros, El Piporro se los fumĂł.

context follows

… but FOist!

It’s another episode of:

Las noticias patrocinadas por LABORATORIOS CAMACHO en la Calle Stanton de El Paso Tejas.

Hey, Donald...

Hey, Donald.:.66DE592C-27B5-4649-B851-D7540BD1EDDE •|• The secret ingredient to fight them Brain-Farts is Super Beta Prostate®️… period

The Brain-fart presidency, and Vlad’s patterns on the Donald Trump 2019 G7 trip.

Por partes

Por partes, dijo el Coronel Sanders… and Jack replied, y la vĂ­sceras?

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