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Hey, Beto...

Hey, Beto… what about the immigrants seeking Hollywood Jobs that arrive through the Fucking Canadian Border, eh? Find Mí, beeCAUSE that is the root of perceptions.

… [A]nd in Washington, Once Upon a Thyme in El Paso, Miami cued MoTown and Katty Kay nº 6 remains unaccounted for, while pedos de algodón carnavalero ligers like Cranberry muffins. And Yes, AdriAna El Rod is involved, and Mike Barnicle is an “extrapolat0R », in the pockets of BeeOFhey!

13 hundred hours in CET ; In San Fran is Fo’ in the morning.

Viva Afghanistan!!! That is America'S best Shopping Mall for the Industrial Ronald Reagan Complex. THIS IS A DONALD TRUMP PUBLIC SERVICE DIRECTIVE.

In Sports: Pete Rose is betting on Camilo Cienfuegos… and if Pete Rose is not betting on Camilo, Donald Trump will put a Humpty Hump party over Country Music. And Yes, AdriAna: Release the Big Kat!!!

In election News, Tim Ryan is a funky motherfucker because he doesn't take a shower after WORK. BERNIE SANDERS assures all you white collared politicians, a MUNICIPAL SHOWER FOR ALL!!! toothbrush included. And John Heilemann is taking the left by the Center, which in French translates to taking a STROLL through Le Arc de Trump.

Muto agrees, and Bismark at New Castle already GKNOWS how this moovie ends. Any güey, Cousin Joe, your signal keeps getting knocked down every  other commercial, which are curiosamente dirigidos at either the 99% who fall into the pyramid scheme of retirement plans (if you have a military, safe-pay job) or to the 1% of the Punta Cana tourists who actually have to hire BEE DEE Odor because they REALLY REALLY GKNEAD TO DEVELOP strategies in order to beat the George Harrison’s TaXmAn.


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