Dear, John Oliver… is it possible que t’es Moche?

Ancient Volcano Zipline Ryders seem to point that HoBO TV’s John Oliver is in fact a fucking Australian, aussi.

A day at the RACES

A day at the RACES… in Washington, the D.N.I. changes its acronym to the Pinochet era D.I.N.A., dogs are already in training to do what trained D.I.N.A. “working canines” do. Andrea Mitchel, reports.

Mean, while the “culto”* religioso de Andrés Mª López Obradoors goza del FUERO BAJA CALIFORNIANO DEL doctor en contaminación de Medios y Aguas fronterizas, jaime bonilla, el muy macuspano felicita al nuevo loco en el Nº 10 de downing street.

The evidence is all there,” said an Axios TV advertorial representative in ca-cahoots with the Güey too early crew on Morning Joe, adding that “one look at the Swan and there is no doubt that the Last Week (tonight) host is an ex-con”. All Australians are ex-cons. Aussie, all Australians look alike with slight variations depending on the Spectacles (or the lack-thereof) on their repugnant mugs.

Tabasco and Foie Grasse

Tabasco and Foie Grasse.

Foxy fucking ladies in Wales can’t believe that even with the unlimited amounts of cash that HoBO TV throws at the Last Week de anoche host, his fucking team of Australian Righters continue to be like thee-horses asses (in lenght) behind our most humble, definitely inconsequential, and for sure (shitty) legacy ways. This week, John Oliver, our most inconsequential staff will feature “Donkeys” wanna ride one?

… and the Rev. Al Sharpton says: Eye will, but first i have to check on my killer bees.

The best bees in the World

The best bees in the World!!!

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