It’s the 16 hundred hours Detention Hour

Sponsored by Jabón del Perro Agradecido, de Laboratorios Héctor “el macho” Camacho.

"The final[s] « entertainment »...

“The final[s] « entertainment »…:184A2936-7DA8-4FD3-833C-61872391085C •|•
11:45 a.m.: Closing music entertainment
The final entertainment pays tribute to the wounded in the armies as well as the services supporting them on their recovery, from the wound to the resume of their work. The flag will be carried by 3 residents from the Invalides and 3 soldiers wounded in recent foreign operations.
Entre terre et Mer, arranged by Vincent Pages, performed by the 52 musicians of the Paris fire department (BSPP) and sung by the choir including 40 student-officer from the Ecole Militaire Interarmes (EMIA)
Ô douce France by Jean-Edmond Lamaze, by the EMIA choir
Backdraft by Hans Zimmer, performed by the BSPP and the EMIA choir
Eté 42 by Michel Legrand, performed by the BSPP and the EMIA choir
La Marseillaise, by the EMIA choir and the choirs of 10 schools with music performed by the BSPP.
12 p.m.: President of the Republic leaves
En savoir plus sur https :// www. sortiraparis. com/arts-culture/walks/articles/53977-bastille-day-military-parade-july-14-2019-on-the-champs-elysees-program/lang/en#cgj7YJ0rvxIZ8VDG.99

Attention students, all detention sessions will bee held at the Albert King Hall. You are required to bring a Nº2 pencil, and nevermind el “papelito”.

Potty mouths must bring a toothbrush, Stevie “the janitor” Vaughn will Bee providing the S.U.D.S..

Mr. King:

Show'em how it's done

Show’em how it’s done, Manu.

—Ashley, don’t hog the entire S.O.A.P., please divide the “cascade” between the rest of the potty mouths.


 Ex marks the spot

Ex marks the spot.

— Think Double Trouble, girl, ShortStop to 2nd and  SAX to First.

Mr. King:

— Little Bobby Muller, stop sucking Little Willy Barr’s pecker. Get that piece of JABÓN ZOTE ALL THE WAY BACK TO THAT MUELA DEL JUICIO OF YOURS.


— Yeah, “boy”, get that brush deep in that molar.

Mr. King:

— Nicole, where’s yor Nº2? How many times has the Rev. Jackson told you not to mark the “papelitos” with the Sharpie®️, that ink is reserved to ID the Laundry Bags.


— Girl, what is it about you Orange County knotts berry fems. Here, and don’t forget where you got it from, eh!

Little Nicole (1984):

— Dude, THEY are ten cents a dozen!

Mr. King:

— Nicole, just read page 85 and brush your mouth while you are at it. And please, En•un•Sí•eyt.

— Little Timmy, mind your own brush. And don’t encourage that future pundit.

— Now, everybody open up the booklet sticky–tacked to the bottom of your desk, and don’t stop brushing.


— Open your booklet to page 3 and, “if Chuck Todd’s republic is ah—rocking don’t bother knocking, because « if the HOUSE is a rockin’ », don’t bother knocking COME ON INN”.

and YES, migra: happiness, motherfucker, is a warm GUN.

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