Lunes, 🎱 de julio 2019, con Penelope Cruz

Deer, Cousin Joe:

For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration.

THE following is brought to Ewe, by none other than The Tudeski/Trucks Band:
(Color Code:33cccc)
Yippi—Ki—YAY!!! Motherfucker.

Amigo, Gustavo

Amigo, Gustavo: el canal de Saint-Martin y Los Detectives Salvajes te mandan una mentada de madre, y eso, en la ciudad de México usted sabe bien que es un Saludazo al estilo LCI. Fuck The Associated Press… you forgot MADAGASCAR!!!

We [the staff] called it first, Las copas de hombres en TANDEM con la Copa Mundial, y el Estadio de Saint–Denis Vacio ; that’s Empty en la Ciudad de México (pasa la Rocha!!!), y el vecino de Mr. Noah, cockblocking the Tulip entre Conchas… but go ahead, Mika, celebrate the Women’s Cup, which you assholes did not cover from the get-go on your morning Snack show. Or am Eye wrong, Willie Geist?

SOURire you are on the AP

SOURire you are on the Associated Presse!!!

F.Y.I., the following screen grab is not, WE [Armando serrano–Prieto / ARMANDO SEGOVIA] repeat, the FOLLOWING IS NOT A COTEJADO FOR BRONTIS À LA PRÉFECTURE DE cité… and don’t you d.a.r.e “whatever” mí, missy!!!

To get attention play for the Emperor

To get attention “play IT” for the Emperor.:6E16989D-2555-4E97-AE16-C7E48466FD50 •|• … [B]eeCAUSE that little bitch at the OVAL office wears No Clothes.

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