Dear, Christine Lagarde, 👁 Fock–en Gniu–IT!!!

CBGBee’s Central was Right all along:
Trevor Noah is the Devil. Ha!!!
👁 got you, motherfucker!!!
Ay, GATT Ewe!!!

[Roberto Carlos beetle goes here]

Taste (buds) my sweet dingleBERRYball*-ridden ass.

Vulgar Display of ®️ ™️ and other assorted ©️ for el uso justo de todos los piolines.

You are not foolin' Annie Wan

e You are not foolin’ Annie Wan.:9A3FFBFB-5EAB-4BFF-86BC-8384CD683BA1:.Eye don’t know if Willie Geist caught it, after all, Cousin Joe, brute strength is no match to intuition, like for Eh–jemplo, take THAT super hydrocephalic HEMI-charged noggin over–taxing your spine. You are not foolin’ anybody, Cousin Joe. Nope, you are not a Tout Brush, your are more like a Q-tip®️ (cotonnette para los muy franceses) for a demon-possesed little Byrd…. from Boston, —of course— Willy Gueist. From Boston… yet everyone at the set knows that THE MAN, man, is from Alabama.

“please allow Mí, » eh!!!

…and Mme. Munn (fucking Moon, BY: any other name) release the Pole. Heidy Pryzbyla does not need any more fuckin’ Overtime.

Dear, Team U.S.A., meet me at le Pont de… wait for it, wait…

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