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“You are only as good as your last schtick.”
… [O]r something like that.

Roll–out follows

Roll–out est imminent

“The Jesus” as
John Turturru–tu–tu Palomareson,
on ‘the’
Colbert Report (look it up).


— 1942 ; The French invent The Battle of Midway just so that in the year of “Our Lorde of Lost Causes” of 2019, The Résistance could celebrate the 235 Anniversary of The Burning of the Very First Flying Baloney … [i]n the shape of a diaper–wearing Donald Trump (en Londres). The event would inspire the Mighty Led Zeppelin into burning their own fucking hot–air flying vessel onto the motherfunking ground.

Roll–out is in 20 mikes in Central NATO Times

Rendez-vous at Deux Eglises

Rendez-vous at Deux Églises casi esquina con el pequeño y, por supuesto el gran palacio del CDG.

And Yes: Chaka Khan agrees, “Ain’t Nobody” that can place the Zep’ on any given CIRCOnstance, like the 33 AR Regiment, CAN.


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