… [🎶] Hiel ‘tal G.A.N.A.D.O. llamado: Cara B.L.A.N.C.A. de ShiWhaWa

“¡Que Bonito es chihuahua!”…

Dear, Marianne,

Dear, Marianne;
Remember that time EYE warned you about this VamPire?
Of course not, you fickle cunt!

… y al regresar,
La panacea del Cancer de Duarte:
Dos cucharaditas de Purple Haze[L]
y un salivazo del Corrido de Chihuahua.
“linda mi tierra bonita…”

para el valle valientes

🎶 Para el valle valientes, para manzanas Mí tierra”, dijo CloClo en Inglés de nueva yol’.

¿AMLO, a ver si pega?

The Peanuts series

Next Stop on the poenas series is the Mexican Beisbol Hall of Fame where the Red Devils owner and Coach, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of One of the Three Mexicos, continues to hold Donald Trump in High Respects.

WADE boggs! Wade BOGGS!
Only on 95.5 WBeeNÃœare “The Despicable B”
Right after Kasie DC.

César no seguro

Circa 2012–2018 Agno de Hollande en México. Te dije que al César lo que es del César, pero no me lo creíste. Hoy ese ex Gobernador —¡prófugo, de la mismísima INTERPOL!!!— en la tierra del suegro de Robert Francis O’Rourke, se rie de ti, al lado —of course— de los Moreira de Coahuila, La Karime que se mudo a Londres y, por supuesto: Enrique Peña Nieto.

Breaking Burkinas, Marianne!!!
EyE can’t stay mad at you.

You Wild Bitch!

You Wild Bitch! THERE’s something about them LY’s.
Eye Can’t stay mad at you, not now; and not during the toppling of them Ancienne Regimist–es–es-es–eses. Na-ah.
Tell you what–eh’ let’s roll play all night.
Wadda’Ya say?
You get a line and EYE get a pole.
You Bee Cersi and Eye Bee: André Calamari.
O cómo dicen los puerto riqueños en las
Tu Pirata soy 🦑🦑🦑 IO.


Nope. Eye can’t stay mad at you,
—condenada Marianna.
Not when your American
cunter part is an ACTing
Secretary whose rap-sheet includes
30 years at Boeing in a variety of roles.

Happening right now:

The French President, some frog named Macron, is telling an American Idiot, by the name of Mark, —seen here in happier tomes– to watch his ass.

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