El parque* — El beso del pacto (with a slight Sam Stein return)

Only one creature in the Good God’s Bible [of DONALD J. TRUMP] is uglier than Mr. Stein, and that abomination is called Elba Esther Gordillo and that bitch is searching for Memo del Toro’s mello–yello☕️ EyEs.

El Vampiro del oro negro

El Vampiro del oro negro. Only in telenovelas.

In Sport News:

The Los Angeles Dodgers / Despicable Nasty Red Stinky Socks “line–crossing series” is tied to One Fuck–Up each.

Last year’s October Classic (octubre tenía que ser) was tarnished by los pinches Dodgers when the most awesome baseball organization on the face of our God forsaken world, crossed a Union Picket Line.

Earlier today, in one of them ‘New York minutes’ the Despicable Boston smelly socks (half of the café con leche mix anygüey) crossed over to get an ‘attaboy” from the Tax fraudster–in–Chief: Donald J. Trump.

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