Is terrorism a Crime* anymore?… not if it is homegrown and Made in the U. S. of A.

* Crime with a capital “C” does not apply to “crime” with a lower-case “c”; because, Crime with a Capital “C” is reserved for white conservative folks, and the rest is pure Vile and Hysteria against those damn mexicans in Albu–qoi–kee or them negrœs casi esquina con Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Is terrorism in the United States of America a crime?
Let’s ask an America, near The Road to Escondido.
And still to come: Arrogant Bastard™️ for all—y’all!

This six–month update on racially motivaded HOMEGROWN terrorism is sponsored by the National Rifle Association and the man who spawned the current migrant caravans to the U.S., ladies in gemini: Lt. Col. Ollie North, LADIES IN GEMINI!!!

Right now, at 02 hundred hours in Central Nato Times, but in Nueva Yol’, the Rev. Al Sharpton is just getting Donnie Deutsch warmed up.

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