Allé Ray! Last seen on a top of a Lawyer’s desk on rue de la Procession de “La Structure”

15e Arrt.
Earlier today.


— I don’t understand, why so many récépissés, why?

— That’s not the issue, Counselor?
You are a lawyer, right?

What a difference, Consuelö, ah Day Makes:664DCD3D-00B8-4E3F-87A4-A1A99F04C074

—Yes, I am a lawyer,  I can guide you on your options. But Eye cannot represent you or call anyone on your behalf.
Age and district where you live?

Le Grand Arch réserva para La Muralla de Whinnie Phoo:62CEB787-8D08-4D05-BA22-CEEEBDB2889B

Less than 50, more than 31.
So, Counselor, after reviewing my case. Should I, armando segovia, just walk, and or prance into a police station as instructed by the clerk at Cité, in order to find out if it’s OK to get a new récepisse?

—They [Brontis à la préfecture] can’t just continue making you live on three-month extensions, did you kill someone?

Not yet, i was hoping someone would do me that favor, i suck at suicide, but the day is still short.

—Maybe they just don’t want to treat your situation seriously?

Dear avocat bénévole en droit des étrangers:C60D4E0F-3285-44C7-9A1C-B83E5B2E2DF7

Given the absurd themes that developed_
because of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST between the French Administration of François Hollande_
and Ángelica Rivera, that would actually be a very big fucking Complement.
You are a French Legal Lawyer, right?

—Yes, but i can only guide with your options.
Let me SEE THAT expired titre de sejour.
Ah, yes, it’s expired.

—Yes, but i have a récépissé to vouch for “the process” shelf-life… it’s good for a few days, still.


An historic event is about to go down on Hardball.
M.S.N.B.C. reports that Cousin Joe is making a special cameo apperance on the Chris Matthews show after the Chickens have slided safe at home.
Conspiracy nuts allege that Cousin Joe secretly moonlights as The Rachel Maddow Show.
People who know, know that Rachel Maddow has never been seen O.N. A.I.R. before the 18hours in E.S.T. since her days on Air America.

The more Ewe Knew…
There’s something about Rachel Maddow’s Kent Clarkson glasses. The Pilot Episode.
Only on
The 700 AML🖤VE ♠️’s

MEAN, while the Mexican president brings back COAL MINING (and hires a lawmaker from his political party to supply the COAL MINES from where to send the Globe 500 years into the Conquista por causa del Efecto Invernadero)PARIS Airports is going to D.R.A.W. the “Master” P.L.A.N. for a brand new F.A.I.L.E.D. international airport landing strip.

Felicidades, John Mill Ackerman.
I guess president Macron is a fucking liar, then, eh?

Francia toma distancia con AMLO sobre el nuevo aeropuerto

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