Hey, baby —


“Big legged woman ain’t got no SOL”.

Previously on, (Fucking) Matt Damon
and Musical Guest
Angry Impala:

So Eye dug The Unforgiven:232E2210-A2E5-4061-B270-E05EC0FDD435 •|•

Saint Patrick was taking confessions at Saint Sulpice when all of a Sudden, Will motherfucking Hunting walked into the Crystal Box and it was at that precise moment when Robin Williams went:
and this little tiger, is what a Smoked dela Croix smells like.

… y ya sabeís cómo se las gasta el Superestrella,
comenta San José.

In fact, dice el pinche Chuy, “Thanks Patty boy, Eye actually needed a bit of S.H.A.D.E. on the dust bunnies on these here Saint C.L.O.U.D.S.:7EFC25C6-C840-4D32-A78A-833A934B199F

—So, what now? said Will Hunting.

And Robin Williams responds:

—The invisible K.R.E.W. comes in,
That’s what.

—Just like that, like nothing happened!
If this was Boston, the place would be closed and the T.S.A. would have another reason to stick their creepy little I.N.D.E.X. fingers up all kinds of traveler’s behinds.

Gnomones SIDE of La C.R.U.Z.:355B0FFC-B545-4740-BDCC-A76DF2291058

—Advertisement rates triple during
“panic mode” Breaking News.
That’s Capitalism for you.

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