Dear, Natasha: You are not silly.

Eye predict that by the Manafort standards, don Joaquín might be back in S.I.N.A.L.O.A. en ÜN sexenio.

Leave the forecasting to Mí:0BFAC20E-FAED-4B7E-A9CF-604878113B30

Mean, while Donnie Deutsch was opining on the judge’s hard-on on the Eve of International Woman’s Day, Sam Stein, reckoned that he was U.G.L.Y., yes, but white collar is just filthy washable.

breaking the news

Dear, Willie Gueist:

Öüï agree with your denounciation; all forms of extremism, including profiling. And Willie, please relay to Donnie Deutsch that WE, armando segovia and armando serrano prieto, are F.U.L.L.Y. A.W.A. R.E. that V.I.D.E.O. is forever, so bee it.

But Willie, Willie Matin!!!, en direct, please reassure Cousin Joe that, in spite of his C.O.D.E.D. advertisement in-house smoke message, we [the staff] agree with Donnie Deutsch on this:

If America (sin acento, of course) elects a socialist to the White House it would be B.A.D. for the company.

and yes, Willie Geist, we know that he (Donnie) corrected himself immediatly to the B.E.A.T. of the S.c.o.r.n. of G.l.o.r.y. JOE, but if that fucker (Donaldinno) is so quick to jump to conclussions on a socialist platform, and vote for Trump to counter a working parental unit’s right to B.E.E. with the new hatchlings, then perhaps Donnie should go ahead and visit Copenhaguen the city, instead of just spitballin’ on The Boys of Summer beachnut juice.

BiBi Kills:5EE7B0EC-3EA6-4086-898E-D67B0D88D835 •!• FIRE for EFFECT! }-~~~\,,,\*>  It was later, much, much later revealed that the D.R.O.N.e. had a Blue Cöllär operator conscripted by the National promised Forces.

Now, Willie, please relay to the “Full House” that y’all have a “hot whispering mic”, dicho de otra manera, it’s hard to pay attention to ‘coffee morning Cousin’s guest’ when the guests are chu-shu-chu-shu’ing.

Now the February Job’s report: 20 K!!!!
The “economy” was expecting 180 Thousand.
Blame it on the “snow-ball” effect.

When asked for comment, Job, an economisicist from The Vicente Fox “B.L.A.M.E.S.S.  L.I.F.E” institute insisted that “el llamado” « African American » history month is always a bit more sluggish than the Irish commemoration March.

Reagan was a fake cowboy. His farts smelled like « Quiche », and everybody knows that Reel Men don’t eat no “quiche”.

“Y por eso”, insistió el pinche Viejo Lesbiano, “el gran Estado de Cuernavaca siempre celebra al Batallón de los San Patricios”, no obstante, suprimió el mendigo botas de cuero de momia confiscada, “por eso en la bella veracrüz no hay pintor que pinte Ángelitos Negros”.


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