Timepieces — Jet! (Eye can almost remember…)

Aménagement de Combles: Boys Don’t CRY

The executive pussy, dice Fitzgerald, es como los labios, una vez que los besas te das cuenta cómo se ve por dentro la garganta del RePanocha de Donald Trump.

11.40 CET

and we switch it over to
The Lucha Libre channel.

Lucha Estelar

… later in the programing, The News from Congo. Feed Network: RFI Internacional y Pan•Am Airs.

but first:
The Generals are Talking,
and, Sra., do ewe know wÄt jÅh–Pen’s
when a “Run–Away beer truck”
crashes into a safety-sand–pit
“in Mec’s_Y–co”?

[foto de Donald Trump’s attic goes here]

To which BFM TV replies:
“Il est encore ivre, c’est un comble !”

To which, Wordreference replies:
Nice “unmentionables” you got there!
Is that a repanocha from Barcelonnette?.

All of These Spectacles!!! Upside Down!!! Oh, The Humanity.
—Say, are those “La Ciudad de Barcelonnette” that you are holding them melons with?
• No. Son del Palacio de Hierro, señor.

To which, the RAE replies, in a Bobino staged
Unison Chorus Line at the
EGNE Institute near the eternal Iena flame,
“Rentrez chez Toi, segnor:
Usted anda pedo”.

40’ past the Noonan…
Betty Page is doing the Rounds 2-day.

Witchcraft 2

Matinée Double Header
2nd feature:
« La Casa de los que andaban ausentes… o algo así”.
Frances Rivera productions
The French Tana from Fontana.
Fanta! Motherfucker, that’s who. Who else is going to follow “The Fontanas” from Fantana‽
Ana Ana Bobana?
Not without Enrique, she ain’t.

Dear entre libros: Feliz Nüano el Año… ISSY, dice el Rey de Chocolate con Nariz de Cacahuate, (not the other güey around), que por medio de la Presente. • La Dirección del FBI (Feas, Bonitas, Imports) autoriza al número tres de Mitsubishi, para que le haga saber a el Rey de Corazones que Chingue a su Eclipse… y de paso a su sra., madre también… Zat, you, Nicolás? Mx–Más is Over, “If You Want”.

17.20 Central Siren Times.

Chez Ausentes

For a good time, visit the Joke Hotel…
For a good bank, try la Rue Blanche,
and for a good fuck, stay at
Hotel Joséphine… it’s where all of the Jodies chop their boners on.
The 9éme arrd.
Everything you need for MANSart
entre “le petit moulinbar” en Indochina
y Moodiz healthy snacks en Balard.

17.40 in CET

Y lo bueno d’este blog es de que CONSECUENTEmente las Sirenas no lo leen; sino en Calexico, ‘starian Llorando, neta que Sí… con todo y “sus” Mercedes en “cueros ».

21.00 — Right back at YOU Andalucian Siren. Right back at YOUSE.

Tuesday’s Gone. But at Wednesday’s Gomez, the Storm Troopin’ is just getting started a l’ancienne « Kölônīä Dignidad”, weh.

It’s Day Two of 2019.
How long Speaker Pelosi,
before, the John at the Donald Trump’s
White House is REPLACED,
and that motherfucker is locked up
at Levenworth?
It’s, Day Two, Speaker Pelosi.

DAY 2.

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