Woodpecker! — The (ACME©️) Coyote howls

And the coyote went:

Ojos de perro azul…  For 100 hundred Dahllars. He spinned Trump into the real NAZI that he is. Spot the “La Zizane” en Le Magazine Litéraire next to Marianne.


And Woody went: What? … knock, knock, knock, etc., etc., etc.

Woodpecker! Stop mocking the Sunset!

Insistía el condenado Coyote,
nos rememorá Erik del Castillo
(QEPD)… cómo sufrió el pobre viejo.

[PAN to Valentín Elizalde]

N’mbre cuña’o, hubiera visto al mendigo pajarraco, toque y toque. Y luego el muy canijo con sus dotes de Ave Carpintero le contesta al pinche Coyote barrigón:

N’ose, quoi? Marianne at the Waiting Room for the auditions of Wilde’s long lost comedie: The Woodpecker.

—Hey, Coyote!

Dijo, el pájaro carpintero:

Ewe start pouring that te•caí•la con manouche y luego veremos lo de La Chawarma, through the lens of a Sun•rise, in the mean time, well in the meantime enjoy The Bad Plus.

The Bad Plus:

Previously on The Bad Plus, Brian Williams was chewing Chocolate inside of a Washington D.C. waiting room,

while wearing an Afro. “Does anybody remember” The Afro?, dijo Loquillo, as he mocked the Sunset Strip all the way to the Sunrise Corral.


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