Dear, Olga: this is Berï Verï Mx–más Антракта

Offrez des cours de langue (Doc)… et bien plus Encore.

Nevermind de Babble here comes los putines del Estado de Steven Segal y Dartagnan Depardeau.

Primera lección.
Niveau: 4to año de primaria:
Nefasta tu putita* madre.

*… se agrega el diminutivo “ito” al programming del Putin para que no le resuene como puto en portería del Equipo Visitante.

SADDLE up Boys

Giddy up… o como dice Lefty Zimmerman: Arre, pues. Putin.

Quetzalcoatl is knockin’ on St. Petersburg Doors.

Knock, knock.

—Who’dat there?

—The postman.

Let’s roll, Eisenstein. Primero Zacatecas, luego Guanajuato, y PAZ; La CDMX. It’s 40 past Six in Central NATO Times.

— Ah, pousses ISSY, drücken Sie bitte et spingete la empujada… Any news?

—You Bet–yo’ L’œil de Ferrari Cerf–Panthère: War’s been declared.

—But why? What’s the reason? Everything was going Honky Dory at the Space Station?

—Yeah, well Hoy no hubo Jazz, a jouranlist work shop was scheduled for tonight’s engagement and, this here—motherfucker—is not really what Mrs. Robinson would call the Bossa Nova, Boris… Oh hey, Natascha! How’s it hanging, Baby?

– – — … a bit shifted to the Outer Limits of the Exteme Fascist Right.

— Well, at least the Trains will run on Time!

– – — It’s Thru. Verï Bërî Thgru, neamois esos putines nunca remuneran el bouquet des Fleurs… y menos el de Lys.

3rd Period

Vamonos Con Pancho Villa… Hoy no hubo Jazz. TimeStamp: Las Siete Leguas del Bossa Nova del Sheik de Arabi.

Last Month today
From: Vendredi 21 Déc; 16.00 hours
To: Lundi 14 Jan; 19.00 hours

Translingual Strategies 101
Mid–summer mid–terms assignment:

The student will take apart, de-construct, re–construct and then roll-up the references while listening to the Stones —with Flaming Lips not S‘aggin— Negrita, smoke–em and then identify the Saint du Jour in the key of the Chicano Classic: Suavecito… firulaïs, suavecito, no me vayas a morder.

Meanwhile in France, it’s 19.20 in Central NATO Times and Donald got himself a new butler.

Formula for the assignments,—period:

If Eye Scream–ah
If Ewe Scream–ah
If Oüį [all] Scream–ah

‘fo Ice Crème THEN…

Yo Can–is
You Can–is
AND Of Course
BECAUSE SEÑORAaaaaa—ahhhh¡
Votre Canes sont en Cannes (not Cagnes).

Not on a Ferrari, he wouldn’t. On the back seat of a Silver Phantom? Ewe bet’cha!

A quick Wax Job: It’s Five o’Clock.

In the interest of keeping all of our non–readers up–to–date with their Rabiės, and Vile Shots, we [the staff] remind y’all that tonight’s Jazz Outings have been cancelled. Charlotte Bling–Bling, instead, is featuring una Sopa de Letras para un crucigrama in The Key of a Sudoku… « * ,,, / They call it Journalism –~~~ {

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