El Jaguar y La Perra Maravilla vS. The NisMo®️Clan — part ii

TimeStamp: After midnite…

Forget about the conventional Friedrich Von Steuben ducks in–a–row troop formation after–action reviews that morning show historians love to insert as fluff in their context during their corporate sponsored segments.

Forget about all of those pretty campaign ribbons reminiscent of Cold–War era air–land skirmishes and victories across the Globe, —también. Heck, eye bet that Ewe have been putting all–TWO of your huevos in one basket and betting the family jewels on diplomacy, but guess what, Hoopty Ride? Diplomacy as you never knew her went the way of The Concorde; way too many analog gauges to bring that flotilla into the Ai and Autobot/Saibatoron market.

Sin embargo, with just the right spark plug tolerance adjustment and, with Lilith’s Marvel Mystery Potion Oil™️ on their fighting side, El Jaguar y La Perra Maravilla might just have a chance to throttle down and govern the thrust and speed of The NisMo®️Clan as they continue to by-pass (in reel-motherfucking time) the fortified wicket gates of the Tres Castañas de Mitsubishi en forma de  Diamonds (dogs) and, least OUI forget: on their motherfucking quest to oust the motherfucking Frogs from the motherfucking Car & Driver game, Dawg.


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