Meanwhile… at the Committee to select the Scrabble®️ Word of da’Year

Over at Studio 3A on the Rockefeller Center, Susan del Percio is losing supporters for “Trumping” as the anglicismo del año.

Yes, it’s the eleventh hour on the p.m. dial in Central Europe Time, and the  deliberations for the word of the year are still being debated. Political strategist and MSNBC talking bust, Susan Del Percio, insist on cock blocking her Republican colleague, Rick Tyler, and his early morning Quasi Not Safe For Work epithet: a “Schlonging”, which in American currency translates to 17 points on the Scrabble™️ scale, for her luke-warm version for « a thumping », which immediately got nixed by staff. In the frame, brands historian wippersnapper, H. W. Brands, explains to Del Percio that given the continuing devastation of an enormously great big Blue Wave, that there is no way that Donald Trump and his American Brand of racism didn’t get a blue “Schlonging” at the polls; and yes Mika Brzezinski, THE POLES ARE TALKING and they all agree that the word of the year sea una gran “VERGUIZA”. <*/~~~-—-€  ISSY, the steering committee insists that for this historic turnout of events, the 2018 Word of  The Year be tallied in the Latin-American Edition of Sopa de Letras en Inglés.

… We now, switch it over to a disgruntled Mexican in Orange County for comment.

Ask a Mexican…Scrabble Edition 2018.

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