It’s 4 o’Clock in Central NATO Time…

Eye think Eye’am turning Japanese — on a Mexican Radio

Coming up:
El Reporte de Los putos Puentes
… and if Eye hurry,
Eye reckon that Eye can still
make Cheyenne.

Flaco Jimenez…El Samurai de los norteños “del” Norte… “Take it Away!”.

Ladies in Gemeni, get your “Pantalón Blue Jean” ready… es la hora de “El Taconazo” con Freddie Fender, Los Texas Tornados —Hey BABY Qué Pasó?… El Johnny Canales and of course:Friends

À París it’s the Eighteen Hundred Hour and over at Benson’s place it’s 10 in the morning…
but if they (the democrats) hurry,
well, we [the staff] reckon THAT they too,
Can Still Make Cheyenne and catch The Jazz hour at 19 hundred hours in Central Siren Time

just–in–Time before Trump goes the way of
Mad George nº III.


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