Buenas Tardes, esta es la Edición Vespertina

Igual que ayer
Los Chaparros Inmaduros

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Still to come… Ari Melber talks politics with Dave Chappelle, and the good thing about this most inconsequential blog is that Mr. Melver doesn’t read this blog, if he did we would ask of him to tell Steve Rattner to stop Bogarting that fucking joint and pass it over to Heilemann, maybe—just MAYBE we could get Mr. Heilemann to open his mouth up, it’s like what a fuck is he affraid of? That we [the staff] dump a metaphorical load on him? Worry not Circus Man, we [the staff] are a fan of your show, although we must also confess that we’ve never seen a single fucking episode, because both your ARMY of writers and little old we [the staff] don’t wish to cross paths with your content. ¿Comprendes Méndez o te explico pinche Gringo*?

Gringo is a term of endearment… podemos ser unos Cabrones pero no unos inconsiderados —pinche John… in the mean Time, yup Ewe guessed it: Jazz follows.

And we [the staff begin] wit a miscellaneous new segment: RADIOLA… parce que c’est á la fois un transistor 3 gammes: PO/GO/FM.

Nope, Gotham can wait… Ms. Shirley Horn, PANAME is just beginning to Warm Up.

TimeStamp: 29 Juin 1974… Peut-on priver La France de Kung-Fu?: Grève de la T.V., starring David Carradine, it was supposed to be Bruce Lee, but Ewe’all know how the Man is.

… Post Illuminati intervention Chappelle is still to come, in the mean Time, if you have the right equipment, like say a RADIOLA TRANSISTOR RADIO, how about grabbing a big ol’ umbrella, tuning it to the Michel Camilo frequency and fetching that Watermelon Man to listen to Herbie Hancock, because precious: it’s SummerTime.

Sadly, Sherley, Gotham is now under Siege by the party of DOLORES TRUMP… and when we [the staff] mention LOLA from now on is to refer to PUTUS 45… POTUS 45

Dolores Party… notice the gloom? Fuck Gotham right now… and fuck National Public Radio too.

In any case América! Don’t Ewe, forget about me… in between all of these new générations that look at the last 20 years in the same way that we [the staff] look at T-Rex… a fun movie to go and drop 10 euros or 15 dollars plus popcorn bucks just to cop-a-feel from Susie or Lupe…in the Mean time, the Siren Den is doing the highschool memorabilia for some reason: Twist and Shout with Ferris! PodCast in the form of a RADIOLA follows, eh!

Einstein… Lavoro andato giù per lo scarico? Or, work gone down the drain?

It doesn’t take a genuis to know what a fuck is going on, you don’t need Advanced History Lessons (which do not exist) to arrive to the conclusion that what BIG LOLA is trying to do has been done before. Right Now, what is taking place around the WORLD should be a QUESTION in the FRENCH BAC or the American ACT placement test——— FUCK, i forgot, the AMERICAN ACT Placement Test does not test for History, so we [the staff] guess EWER FUCKED, EINSTEIN, suck a relatively dick because LOLA has the hearts and minds of the “redneck Riviera” and the will of middle AMERICA (sin acento).

Hey Ewe… “I’m coming out Swinging!”

La puerta está abierta… pásenle sus Mercedes a lo barrido: ya es medio día en Tiempo de la Europa Central;  el segundo encuentro en la Copa Mundial ya está transcurriendo, Francia 1 — Italia 0. España ganó el partido de apertura cuando ningún equipo del circuito UEFA le quisó saltar al ruedo. España lleva la delantera con 2 puntos en la tabla general… Alemania! Alemania sufrió una depresión luego de que la escudería Ferrari se llevara el Gran Premio de Canadá… o algo así.

La puerta está abierta—live from The Underground… This is not your parents basement This Shit is Raw! Bolaño, Who?

Más deportes con Kasie Hunt at the top of the hour. Stick around.

TimeStamp: ISSY, adorada Sirena—i can’t believe you are fucking The Talented Mr. Ripley. 12h20 à Les-Moulineaux… and Matt Damon at the same time!

… I can’t believe Ewe are fucking Matt Damon! Coming up after the break, John Heilemann tells Steve Ratner to stop Bogarting that Joint, later in the shoe Dave Chappelle Swings by the Melber cubicle at the Rockefeller Center, no word if Sir Paul (MaCa’s replacement) will join him.

Right now, it’s the 13 hundred hour block and Herbie Mann just broke the offensive from la Squadra Azurra, with a fluted samba take over in favor of The Frogs (le Tri, para los ∴ Grandes Iniciados ∴) el marcador Francia 1 – Italia 0.

The goalie.

Vamos juntos hasta Italia…
Los Hombres G.


At this rate he’ll get the 2020 U.S. Election Cancelled and declare himself Emperor… d’ya–know what this non consequential Rock is cooking?

Could these be fake news, please! Let these be fake news.

Decio de María (green tie) no lo puede creer, a este putoritmo, pinche Brozo, y con los goles que Donald Trump está metiendo (con chapuza y trinquete) le vamos a tener que añadir “DOLORES” a su nombre porque como Madonna sabe muy bien, “Lola” es el hipocorístico de Dolores, the reason? Because WHAT “LOLA WANTS, LOLA GETS! That’s why.

Tell me something I don’t know—“Let’s play Hardball”

You are welcome Ari… “i’m Jealous again”.

Right now, the flute in  “Howling For Judy” sure gives Snatch a new spin… “sure shot” with a tounge for a tie think’s he’s got a deal going with Kim, but what Every KATUSA at Camp Casey wants to know from you, is where’s the Beef mr, president? Over on the Iran side you cleared the way for that regime to continue with a Big-Bang developing program when you scrapped an on-going deal that guaranteed nuke inspectors on Persian sands, and unlike Carroll O’Connor in the role of Chris Matthews up above i’m no expert, but wasn’t Jung–Il the main nuke material supplier to Iran? Anygüey, the good thing about all of this is that the World Cup starts shortly, just in time for the European Parlament to re-arrange our ability to graphically show what’s behind the current PUTUSwhat’s behind the current POTUS long ties, we [the staff] now realize that those stupid fucking ties are the design of Russian technology to better hide Donald John Trump’s  mother fucking lying tounge.

Zero One Hundred Hours in Central NATO time.

… The greatest show ln Earth, according to General “Colt” Matthews, follows—stick around and keep it Real.

Even that Jennifer Lovett at United States Forces (Command) Korea, what’s her rank, Lieutenant Colonel? What do they know? They’re just a glorified Major; tell ‘em Rudy, tell ‘em how i was the greatest American Football player at the toy soldier private military academy where my mom sent me for basically being a total asshole with everybody around me—tell ‘em Rudy! It’s an order.

Fuck, might as well swing over to Raquelitos pad, it’s Oh Three Hundred Hours in Central Nato Time—and it Feel’s Fine… really. It feels Fine.

Oh… the humanity. The Korean Peninsula, sold with no money down and no interest for the rest of Trump’s political Big Top,—sold like a condemned hurricane damaged Hyundai Sonata.