Inter mission.

Yup, with the same ire of a lava river like the ones flowing on the Main Island right now, May of 1968 sparked a matchstick that would expand to different corners of the world, the fire sparks would make it all the way to May of 1970 in Ohio and 1971 in Mexico on the very day that the Body of the SuperStar was supposed to be observed, la cosa, Gustavo, es de que los pinches froggies también inventaron el 2 de octubre, fecha que como el PUTO de Luis Echeverria Álvarez y su puto partido de rateros, asesinos y vende patrias sabe muy bien, El Gran Hijo de su cochina madre, que NO SE OLVIDA.

Hawaiian Punch.

”No reason to get Excited”…

It’s just a bull, the Moon, the Sun, and of course: Time & Space, eh!

Sunshine was let in jusst before it headed South at around 20h15 in CET… coming up: STREET motherfucking FIGHTING MAN — after ALL EWE NEED IS LOVE!

… Y por supuesto John Mill Ackerman, si supieras quienes son los Rieleros del Norte —de Nanterre— sabrías, porqué a tus discipulos en Francia, Victor Quintana  Silveyra los marcó, con  el signo del Yunque el día que los bautizó. Saludos, amigo, —Sergio.

… TimeStamp: Hush at 21:57

ISSY. This inter mission can be better enjoyed with some cheese and wine, and if you have the bandwith, with the podcast of the Magni-fip programming of Tuesday, May 15th, 2108—link follows.


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