1 de diciembre — An Euro for your Soul and another for your Mojo.

Cocoon Mangynas
Cock Pussies…
o algo así*.

* ask Erin Brokovich

And now, it’s time for another edition of our exclusive:
Hourglass series fragments.
Brought to you by L’Oreal®.

Happy Birthday, Donnie Deutsch. Please excuse the Typo from the hearing impaired subtitles team, we [the staff] know that at your tender age of 60 —and with your lifestyle— it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually transition into a Cuck… Anygüey, on today’s episode we learned that our second favorite Jewish person is not into Cock-Pussies;  not  with  that  Carson  era  plaid  sports  coat, you’re not!   •—_¡_—•. To our recollection, it’s been quite a while since Gender Attitude rocked a Tweed like Silverman did on her Season 1, Episode 7; Birthday Edition bash, to our recollection, the last time an Alpha Gender made a ridiculous coat look good, was when Vicente Fernandez sang “El Hijo del Pueblo” to Melle. Marcela López Rey, at her 1974, caviar birthday party… or something like that.

TimeStamp: 23h00 CET

The Hourglass series fragments:

Mariachis and Plaid… a new film staring Vincent Fernandel. Directed by Steve Zissou.

Like the reverse charges of a Polar Shift, The Hourglass fragments, are a collection of vignettes that highlight the shifts in power dynamics of a particular era.

… For des.

Like all affairs under The Sun, things don’t just magically appear (or disappear) in a vacuum, it takes years between decades for the weaker of two variables to get the mighty hand of time to flip the Hourglass and let gravity push the grains of sand that once pushed the weaker grains at the bottom of an inverted triangle and, through the narrow neck between two bulbs.

TimeStamp: 01h00 CET

Context Follows | Stick Around.

Le parloir aux sextoys
Page 4; Littérature | Critiques
Erin Brockovich’s bag
by Florence Bouchy.
Via: Le Monde
Vendredi, 1er décembre 2017

… de pronto, un Flash Informativo •—_¡_—•. Image courtesy of los calzones de la Chica del Bikini Azul y CALZEDONIA®.

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