De pronto Flash*… (Bikini fiction)

Vacation Special Edition

“Era la Gloria vestida de tul…**”
y luego, Corazón—fiel a tu pasión
te sintetizaste el cuerpo y alma:
en Carton-Piedra.


“La Chica del Bikini Azul”, ES de cartón piedra… foto por segoviaspixes. It’s yours—have’at it.

Thursday, July 13th 2017
Place Mazas y La Estación de Lyon; 75012

School summer break for the future French generations started last Friday, but anyone who got all giddy with excitement during Tuesday’s thunderous first “dry run” display of Marianne’s air military might, in preparation for tomorrow’s Bastille Day Parade, knows damn well that vacation doesn’t start before the fireworks at La Tour Eiffel go boom-boom in the air.

Foto/captura cortesía de la RATP y la línea 6 en Glacière. Context follows

We can’t vouch 100% if, in the small towns and villages across La Provincia de la France, les paysans et las paysannes consider summer vacation a sacred cow, but around here with les Francilienes —and especially— las Franciliennes it’s pretty much considered sacrilege not leave the city and soak up some sun, hike a trail, or go and copulate with people of other places; at least once per year.

Subida en proceso—Context might follow… but for now a public service announcement brought to you by our current sponsors: Mazas Solidaire International and the Hôtel de Sainte-Anne (vicinity le fauboroug of Inferno’s Gate) located at the edge of the 13th and 14eme arrondissement à Paris..

Dear guests à le Hôtel Sainte–Anne, please be advised that during summer break 2017 our nearest aerial Mètro stop, Glacière, on line 6 will remain closed for renovation and/or restoration of it’s steel beam structure. For those of you taking advantage of our Marianne Special Wellness Therapy Combo be sure to descend at Métro stop Saint-Jacques, which is the station nearest to the Catacombs at Denfert–Rochereau, but please, we beg of you and your accompanying party: STAY AWAY FROM THE TOMB OF Isidore.

This space for rent. Take advantage of our Summer 2017 rates and place your ad with us… you may come inside our offices located at 9 Rue Brigitte, just around the corner of le Hôtel Côte d’Azur.


Le Jardin Inn, un Arsenal de opciones solidarias.

Sure, you could be hip and trendy like the UBER crowd by booking your next Parisian stay with one of those Apps that affords those with room to spare an opportunity to profit from a dearly departed nana, mamie or grandma; or you could stay at one of several hostels in the city —but then, my friend— you’ll miss out on Kerouacing your journey
and profiting from Anne Hidalgo’s command decision to remove the nighttime curfew on 50 percent of the city’s green areas.

From July 1st to September 3 public parks will remain open 24/7 thanks to the resolve of one of the hippest and probably most progressive experiments ever made by a major metropolitan City Mayor with regards to public spaces and their opening hours. Y por eso proponemos que por el solo hecho de esta apertura, La señora Hidalgo se merece el premio del mejor alcalde (o alcaldesa) de las grandes metrópolis en el 2017 y, como bono de productividad por su iniciativa de vetar los vehiculos particulares de motor diesel sugerimos también, de que de un jalón le otorguen también el galardon del 2018… y ahorita que nos sale [al staff] lo cachondo y adulador, aprovechamos para mandar nuestra señal protocolaria a todas las frecuencias que no nos captan: Lo bueno de e Éste blog, es de que Mancera y Brozo en la CDMX no lo leen… pero Yoko Ono a lo mejor sí!

El reporte de los parques

Foto poe segoviaspixes, vicinity los muelles del Arsenal en La Bastilla.

For the past two weeks Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo (Travel Editor–at–Large) has had the opportunity of getting some shut–eye in some very neat open spaces with some surprisingly comfortable wooden benches.

In his latest exploits he profited from the opportunity to tap into an unlimited source of sparkling water at Parc Citroën (75015), and he almost climbed on a weather ballon, but then decided against it… for the past week Catalonio has been dosing in and out of somatic sessions under a full moon at Place des Vosges, unfortunately, the corridor next to chez Hugo (Victor—one each) is booked year round, so we had to settle for a gallery within the perimeter of that square in an effort “wait for the moon to say good night.”

… Al regreasar:
El menu del albergue, los pasatiempos y los servicios disponibles a los nómadas en esta gran ciudad.

Pero, mientras eso pasa, Emmanuel Macron le está dando una Lección en Símbolos a su homologo en de la Casa Blanca, en los podios al interior del Elíseo.

Los Cuates De Charlie… context follows.

DRAFT ONE… image captures and pictures follow…

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